The problem with bulky case.

Have you already wondered about the amount of waste caused by your mobile accessories? The amount of waste ending up in landfills, in the wild or in our oceans?

By 2018, nearly 1.5 billion mobile phones have been sold worldwide.

The protective case has become the most essential accessory to protect and extend the life of the new best friend of man. It is common for people to replace their cases simply to change or because it is damaged or worn.

This means that at least 1 billion cases are thrown in the trash annually. It's plastic compound waste are certainly a problem for which we do not realize the impact when buying them. In 2019, the environment is at the heart of the priorities of individuals, it seems a priority to act without compromising the protection of our phones.

Did you know that our mobile phones are becoming more resistant to physical damage? The various manufacturers mention it every year when launching their new smartphones. Proof, several video tests are available on the internet to support his claim.

It is therefore no longer essential to protect our devices with large, bulky cases using a maximum of resources.

The ALT option

We offer protective cases that meet the protection needs of today's devices and reduce the environmental impact of mobile waste.

In addition to offering our products in a minimum of packaging, they are 100% recyclable.

Also, our cases uses 75% to 80% less plastic than the majority of the cases sold worldwide, so we are convinced that less is more.